Monday, July 9, 2007

No, I'm Not Upset About the Times

Wow... what a week.

I had decided to lay low a bit last week, because I knew the Scooter Libby commutation was in the works, and I didn't want uncomfortable questions about my support for the Free Scooter! campaign.

But I didn't know so much shit would hit the fan.

The "news" that I was a mole for Nixon during the Watergate business, that Nixon thought I was "dumb as hell" (but hey, not dumb enough to tape myself hatching criminal plots), that I lobbied for a pro-choice group, and best of all -- that my wife is a bombshell beauty.

That's a lot to throw at me in one week.

But I got to say, that New York Times hit piece about my wife is the best thing that happened. It's most clearly like an attack on me, and I can take the high road, defending my wife's honor, when we respond to it. As long as people focus on the beauty angle, they won't be trying to make her out to be the rightwing Hillary. Hell, if we aim all our fire on the Times attacking my wife based on her looks and not even considering her substance, I can even come out looking like someone the feminists can vote for.

And focusing on that means I can neatly avoid giving too much air time to the Nixon, pro-choice, and Aristide stories.

God I love the New York Times right about now.


Don Jones said...

The story of abortion is falling apart. Facts don't mesh and it looks very suspicious. I doubt if Fred has to do more than he has and it will die of it's own lie.

Nixon did not say "Dumb As Hell". They say it is in the transcript of the Nixon tapes, but it is not.
I even saw it posted as an Advertisement. Now what does that say?

The Jeri bit is a non starter too. Actually everything supposedly "coming out" is poorly done and an obvious smear and bloggers who have nothing of their own to say trying to act knowledgeable.

If this steaming pile of horse shit is the best the other side has Fred, you have clear sky's ahead.

Don Jones

Don Jones said...

One important thing for Fred. Romney has prepared his hit on you.
It will be a video of you discussing abortion. Also how Romney is such a much better executive due to your lack of experience.

GOP Loft has a great column for our side today. A copy is on
Don Jones