Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Want a Case to Justify Abortion?

Then just read that guy at Pat Robertson's "news" division. I just read his little excuse for a column, and it doesn't ever seem to quite have a point that means anything.

It seems to go like this:

  • CBN dug up some things I said in the past.
  • I wanted to toss the party platform.
  • I said it would be better to not have a lot of distracting talk about abortion keep us from uniting behind the GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole.
  • CBN has some wishy-washy reactions to the purpose of platforms and the abortion issue.
  • And expect my opponents to be digging up some things I said in the past. Just like CBN just did.
And that all adds up to what, exactly?

Honestly, folks, I would much rather see someone come balls out and say why he hates me than read mushy crap like that. If you're out there saying things in a public forum, try saying something -- don't waste your breath or your ink on meaningless crap.

Then again, if the real political press is as braindead as this Pat Robertson flack, then I guess we'll just be strolling right in to the White House.

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