Thursday, August 23, 2007

We Finally Have an Answer on Iraq

At long last, we have developed a strategy on Iraq: blame the Democrats.

Sure, we could blame the ineptitude of the Bush administration for failing to keep up with the Clinton administration's intense focus on anti-terrorism until 9/11 happened, or for falling down on the job on intelligence in the days before 9/11, or for using 9/11 as an excuse to go after Iraq even though we all knew it would be an impossible task to keep Iraq together after taking out Saddam, but we have found the way to shift the blame to the Democrats for the current problems. We just tried it out in our VFW speech:

Our country was not prepared for our current situation. We took a holiday from history in the 90’s. We cut our military, our procurement and our research and development. Now our military is stretched too thin. We are wearing out our equipment. Our intelligence capabilities are inadequate.

To reverse this situation we must reassess our national priorities and face the truth about what it will take to defend this country.
See? The problem isn't that we committed to a long-term military occupation that we failed to plan for. It's that Democrats cut our military. Genius!

Sure, Republicans were in charge of Congress that whole time, but I'm pretty sure the people will forget all about that and just blame Bill Clinton. And that will rub off on Hillary.

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