Thursday, August 9, 2007

Next, We Will Feed the Multitudes

Our team sure is sharp, I have to say. When I heard about South Carolina moving up its primary date, I admit I lost my shit. But our team did this fantastic news release turning it into a positive -- into an opportunity to position ourselves again.

Check out this:

“Changes to primary dates are only a problem for long-running candidates,” said Randy Enwright, national political director of the Thompson committee. “Large organizations with detailed political strategies that include roll out dates may find it more difficult to change their playbook mid-game."

That's right: we took press criticism of our slowness in making the campaign official and we turned it into a plus for us, comparing our nimble, roll-with-the-punches flexibility to the inflexibility of the campaigns that have been underway for so long. Being so slow to announce and to raise the kind of funds we need is actually an advantage.

Good lord, we can make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

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