Thursday, August 9, 2007

Something to Get This Party Rallied

Oh, yes -- Bush is finally starting to throw a bone to us, to help us with our effort to keep the White House and take back Congress for the Republican Party.

His demand for more tax breaks for big corporations is exactly what we need to give our party a nice shot in the arm. It takes a lot of money for big business to research how to effectively move its operations overseas, and if we give them all a nice tax break it will help juice that part of the economy.

Once the people see that we're not the party of giving free health insurance to poor kids who aren't working for that handout -- that we are, instead, the party that stimulates the economy for folks at the top by giving corporations a tax break -- well, that's exactly what we need to get the public voting Republican again.


Don Jones said...

Fred: You have a horse named, South Of The Border. It is a horse that wiil take you across the finish line.

No one is talking aboout investing in Mexico, but when you are elected you should meet with the Mexicans and let us help upgrade their Country. Mexicans are BIG family folks. They will stay home if they can live decently and find work. Most of their wages earned in the US go home.

Please read the article on I will be pounding the Internet about investing in Mexico. I sure don't want another candidate to beat you to the punch on this. It is a groundswell about to break open. Everyone is pissed.

Anonymous said...

Don, there's an award given to the Most Useful Idiot Of All Time, and we're voting for YOU.