Monday, August 27, 2007

How to Get Away With Saying Nothing, Lesson #2

We spent some time trying to craft just the right way to take a pass on saying anything firm about what I would do as president. First, we tried to get away with just saying that we want to do "lots of things," but that only gets you so far, especially once they start asking pointed questions. We've been mastering lots of ways to speak out of both sides on my mouth on specific issues, like Iraq, but the problem remained that I needed a pat line to use whenever someone asks about a specific issue that I don't already have something prepared for.

So -- what we're saying now is, "It is presumptuous to say exactly what you would do when you’re not President and you don’t have access to all the information he has." Isn't that great? It works for every issue under the sun, and it gives me time to take a minute and think of more stuff to say to pad out the "answer."

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