Monday, July 23, 2007

You Know, I'm Liking This Obama Fellow

I'm not going to lose, but if I did have to lose to a Pussycrat, I think I wouldn't mind losing to Obama. The more I listen to him in this live debate on CNN, the more I hear him hedging his language. You notice he doesn't go right for the classic Democrat answer to a question -- he kind of nods in the direction of the other candidates' answer and then he says things like "we need a lot of approaches."

And he just praised Reagan. Did you hear that?

I'm liking this guy. And his record has some nice Republican themes: voting for the anti-class action bill, and voting to kill an amendment to the bankruptcy bill that would have capped credit-card interest rates at 30 percent.

I think he's getting a pass from the left because he's a pretty face or something. I can't figure out otherwise why he gets painted as a liberal. That John Edwards -- now that's a progressive. I shudder to think about all the poor people getting my tax dollars for food stamps and healthcare and whatnot if there's a President Edwards.

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