Monday, July 23, 2007

Well, This Isn't Good News

As the Pussycrats bask in the afterglow of their YouTube debate circle jerk, I just got handed some bad news from my staff: a Washington Post piece about a poll holding that "[m]ost Americans see President Bush as intransigent on Iraq and prefer that the Democratic-controlled Congress make decisions over a possible withdrawal of U.S. forces."

Now that's just not good news. We've been banking on the public's low approval ratings of the Democrat-controlled Congress as a sign that we still have a clear shot at the White House. But this makes me fear you've got a lot of folks out there with a clear preference of Democrats over Republicans when it comes to the war. I don't want to see a spillover effect of that on the presidential race.

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Don Jones said...

I don't believe Bush wants to hand you a bucket of shit.

He is going to wash out the bucket and put it on display as a job being well done. What's going on now will definately improve and that poll will be dust even if Bush has to start a withdrawl himself.

Don Jones