Monday, July 16, 2007

Suck That, LA Times!

So, this morning, while I had to lie back in bed and let my bones creak into position so I could actually sit up, I had some time to reflect on our strategy so far.

I do pretty much everything I can to say as little as possible of substance, so I figure my record and my Southern accent pretty much say all I can afford to say to conservatives while I try to court the other sectors of the party.

So I'm really happy to see that it's a strategy that's paying off -- one of those religious nuts has christened me the Southern-fried Reagan, and basically all the news leaking out that I may not be a red-to-the-bone ultraconservative is just rolling away like your last penny into the gutter.

What's slicker than Teflon? Big Daddy, baby -- hell yeah!

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