Monday, July 16, 2007

Why Aren't We in on This Action?

I really should be invited out there to discuss the press brouhaha and goings on about Michael Moore. I have that great video with me chomping the cigar and turning around in the chair -- it's funny, it's authoritative, it's powerful, it's better than Reagan, folks.

Well, I can't resist a second look:

Oh, yeah, that's good stuff. It took three takes, but that's only because I kept laughing each time I tried to say "while you were down in Cuba visting your buddy Castro." I know, Michael Moore is an extreme liberal, but come on -- even that was just a little on the ridiculous side. (I might as well have said, "And when did you join the Communist Party?") But none of our people are ever going to actually see the Moore film, so as far as anyone knows he could have been sharing tea and crumpets with Fidel himself.

And with the Cuba crack, thank god no one has asked me where that cigar came from. Oops!

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