Thursday, July 19, 2007


OK, so I'm no expert on anything, and I don't pretend to even know a thing about children's health and the State Children's Health Insurance Program, but even I know this: it just doesn't help our party when Bush rejects any attempt to make a deal to keep SCHIP alive.

In other words, he's saying NO to children's health. That's all anyone will hear.

OK, but that's assuming anyone will actually hear about it. The one thing I am going to have to rely on is that people are stupid and don't like to hear about policy details. Start talking to the people about SCHIP, and their eyes will glaze over.

If not for ignorance like that, I don't think our whole party would have a prayer.


Don Jones said...

I guess you figured letting our enemy pour over your documents was the best course, however they are beating you over the head with your billing for abortion work for the bad side.

I hope you pounce back right away as it is a snowball going down hill.

Don Jones said...

I am taking the approach that the billing records were at UT and you could have stopped anyone from perusing those records but you did not as there was nothing in them that was a threat to you including the billing records. $5,000 is not much of an attorney fee in DC and you still do not recall.

I do answer these blogs and news articles.

Don Jones said...

I have a nice article coming out in the Post Chronicle on Fred. You can see how it will be on the first page of

Next I am going to tear that Fanatic Romney a new ass hole for trying to purchase the election with his loans to his campaign.

Don Jones