Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm Not Looking Forward to What's Coming Down the Road

This isn't promising: you get Harriet Miers refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena and the Department of Justice declaring that it will not pursue any contempt charges because Harriet Miers was supposed to refuse to comply with the subpoena. And now you get evidence that the head of the Department of Justice -- Alberto Gonzales -- may have sort of lied to Congress.

Why does this turn of events trouble me so? Because it's just too much of a reminder of the last time an arrogant administration claimed it was above the law. And I don't think I want Watergate on folks' minds too much in the days to come.

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Don Jones said...

George Bush can draw problems. I believe an anti Hispenic feeling gives this problem strong legs.

Bush just has to clean up the Iraq situation. He can leave troops there till '09 or whenever but he must start a withdrawl soon after the surge report.

Keep after him.

Don Jones