Thursday, July 26, 2007

Big Daddy's Machine Keeps a-Chuggin' Along

OK, this is more like it. After the Washington Post's weird article on my life as a lawyer -- surprise, surprise, folks, I was a lawyer -- now we get a much stronger piece in Time.

The headline alone -- Is Fred Thompson the GOP's Savior -- does more to sell me than anything they could have written. And that photo -- come on, that's a thing of beauty. They were going to shoot me straight on as I was sitting on the steps of the front porch, but one of my staffers actually pushed down a little on the photographer, and the result is amazing: it's basically a straight shot into my crotch. A nice little reminder that I'm a man with something else hanging there right where you see my hands hanging down.

Much more subtle than Dubya's cod piece in the flight suit in that ridiculous "Mission Accomplished" photo op.

Notice how they spend more ink on the weaknesses of Miss Romney, McNuts, Limpiani, and the Pygmies than they do on what I stand for. They're really helping promote our image of me as the cavalry coming in to sweep the ladies off their feet and the party into the White House.

God I love it when the press is right in step with us.

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