Sunday, June 10, 2007

Times Just Keep a-Changing

First things first, all the news kept getting pushed aside because of Paris Hilton. Near as I can tell, that little girl ain't done a thing ever, not even a lick of work in her whole life. Where I'm from, we'd say a person like that is a waste of skin. Now somehow the whole world seems to know who the hell she is and seems to care if she goes to jail or not. I'd say she's like that Anna Nicole Smith, but at least Anna Nicole Smith had the good sense to do something positive for the world by posing in Playboy and making a late-night Skinemax flick I like to watch whenever I'm traveling and Jeri isn't around to help me drain my pipe.

And that's just one sign of these strange times we're living in. This Ron Paul guy just won't go away, even though he has less a chance to survive than a doughnut in Michael Moore's office. All my people are trying to tell me we've got to get with all the Web 2.0 stuff he's been doing. YouTube, MySpace, Bebo, streaming video, DailyMotion, Facebook, Google (is that a freaking noun or a freaking verb?), text messaging on your iPhone... it's all Geek to me.

Whatever happened to just doing those fuzzy, soft-focus commercials of you on the beach with your family, saying you want to blow a little sunshine up the country's collective ass for the next four years?

This campaign might be more work than I thought.


Anonymous said...

Whether or not Ron Paul "has a chance" of being elected (this is way more a function of whether the news agencies will stop the ongoing parishiltonpalooza as you point out, and get back to addressing the news, such as each candidates' platform) I will be voting my conscience for Ron Paul. I'm not yet afiliated with any Ron Paul organizations as I suspect most of the so called Web 2.0 Ron Paul "spammers" are not. My vote will go to Ron Paul because of his stance on reducing the federal government, and especially reducing the FRIGGING DEBT!

silkysmooth said...

anonymous - I think most of the Ron Paul crowd is not even RINO ... I think a lot of them aren't registered Republican at all. Which will make it hard for them to vote in the GOP primaries in most places, much less vote for him.

Meanwhile, I thought I was one of the only people who knew this blog existed. It was like a secret joke! (And all at Fred Thompson's expense, which makes me love it even more!)