Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nuts. Something Is Broken.

Someone on my staff just handed me a Gallup poll about the very large numbers of people who do not believe in evolution. And even I can see something's broken here.

Not that so many people reject evolution: that kind of widespread stupidity has been part of our agenda for decades. As the Democrats got in with workers and got behind the environment, health and safety, children and families, and all that other stuff, we saw pretty clearly that we were going to have to invest in making sure as many people as possible were as dumb as possible in order to regain our foothold. The Republican Revolution in the 90s was our ultimate payoff.

But now it seems clear that the dumbest among us aren't exclusively lining up behind the Republican Party. There are large numbers of Democrats and Independents who also don't believe in evolution. Disturbingly large.

If we don't have a lock on the dumb, then I'm not sure any more what chance the Republican Party has of regaining the upper hand in American politics. Politics gets more difficult every single day.

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