Sunday, June 3, 2007

Chuckle... I've Got This Thing Sewn Up

All that time carefully cultivating my public persona in Hollywood has paid off: I make the ladies cream in their jeans. Miss Romney thought she would have this kind of appeal, but face facts: the soccer moms don't have wet dreams about guys with better hair than they have.

Note to self: maybe I should get some of my "grassroots" operatives to make some T-shirts that call me Big Stud Daddy, the Ultimate DILF, Former Senator Studly, Superschlong, something like that.

I am going to make a great president. Two terms -- and more, once we get that constitutional amendment passed. I'm going to be the new FDR. But without the cripple thing.


All Creamed Up said...

You are so right, Fred. And America will be better off when you're president; only you can wield the big, big sword of American military power. I want to see you with that big sword real, real bad.

Just an Anonymous Observer said...

I honestly don't see what looks have to do with it. The American people deserve a president who is really smart on the issues they care about. And I do like husky men with a drawl and a way with the ladies, but you're not really my type.