Saturday, September 1, 2007

You've Got to Be Kidding Me

So, Fuckabee comes in second in a straw poll that none of the front runners participated in -- because it was a waste of time and didn't matter for any purpose at all -- and he polls consistently as sixth at best -- well behind a man who has not officially announced his candidacy yet -- and the Post gives him this warm and fuzzy send-up.

Meanwhile, Big Daddy moves forward by announcing that we will announce officially next week, and we poll super-high -- some days a tie with Giuliani, and pretty much never below second place, and all the Post can muster is this blather about the so-called difficulties we face.

Now that's just fucked all to hell. Fuckabee has barely a better shot than that nutcase Ron Paul. And both of them have less of shot that my toejam. Less of a shot than the sweat off my balls. That's right -- the people, given a chance, would rank my toejam, then McCain, then Miss Romney, then the sweat off my balls, then Fuckabee, and then Ron Paul.

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