Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stop Reading the So-Called 'Experts' Already

The political press insists on forcing the facts to fit the story it wants to tell -- and if they don't like the facts, they'll just toss them aside.

Nobody knows this better than Big Daddy. Newsweek is going on and on about my "slow start," and George Will and Robert Novak both are telling everyone I've already crashed and burned.

Meanwhile, I had surged into number one according to the Rasmussen poll of likely GOP primary voters, who also rate me most conservative.

I honestly don't know why anyone pays any attention to those numb nuts in the political press. What's really going on here? They have complete contempt for what the people are really thinking, and they're too lazy to find out anything other than the conventional wisdom they share in all the insider cocktail parties.

(And I know all about what goes on in those insider cocktail parties first hand.)

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