Saturday, September 8, 2007

Libya? Who's Going to Care?

OK, so the New York Times thinks it has a hot story with its revelation that I am "linked" to lobbying work for the Libyan government after the Pan Am 103 explosion over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Folks, that ain't going to make a dint at all in Big Daddy's campaign.

If no one paid attention to my having worked for Arisitide, what with the fiery tire necklace deaths and all, no one is going to blink at all over this Libya thing.

You know why?

  • Most folks have forgotten all about the Pan Am 103 business.

  • Most folks don't know where Libya is. Years of de-funding public education will inevitably pay off for any Republican candidate, and that'll help me in this case.

  • Libya has become our "friend" in recent years. People have been told that they don't have to hate Libya anymore, and people are lemmings.

  • The story appears in the New York Times. Republican voters have been trained to think New York Times = liberal = anti-Republican. An attack from the New York Times just makes me look like a leading candidate in their eyes.
Bring it, NYT. I'm all over this.

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