Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Can Lead the War on Terror

When you have an enemy so alien to your way of life, like we have in this War on Terror, you have to learn how to think like they think. And what better way to do that than to start living like they live?

I figured it out and spelled it out for folks in a recent speech:

We’ve got to do better, more committed, more united, more unified than we’ve ever been before. And yet you look at our responses some times as a people and that’s not the message we’re sending out. ... When you look at our court system which does not make a distinction between terrorists and an average criminal in the US court system. And warning them of their rights and you can’t prosecute them unless you do, and have you telling them everything in open court and giving them discovery so they have access to and can take advantage to all that information. We are often times in our system not acting like we are serious.

The debate with regard to surveillance. Some people have a lot of problem with us surveilling international telephone conversations when Al Quada suspects are allegedly on the other end of the line. But yet it’s done begrudgingly in increments with great debate and fanfare. It’s an indication to friends and foes alike that our memory of 9/11 and of whets been happening to us for a long time has not had full impact yet.

That's right. If they hate our way of life, our liberties, our freedoms, what better way to get ourselves thinking like them than to take away our own liberties and freedoms? And if they hate us for our freedom, then we'll just have to start hating our own freedoms. It's sheer genius.

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