Sunday, September 2, 2007

Are You Ready for My Close-up?

We've had such success lately using the ET approach to media that we just had to keep it up -- and it works. People are foaming at the mouth about the leaked news of the TV ad time we bought during the New Hampshire GOP debate that we aren't attending. And that's just coverage of the leaked plan; we'll get tons more once it actually airs!

And the press continues to be seduced by Big Daddy's big big dick. Well, the American press -- the foreign press just keeps dredging up what may not be helpful about my Watergate experience. But that's fine... who the heck is going to go out of their way to read that major feature in a British newspaper?

Oh, and did you notice how we're addressing those "Fred Thompson looks so thin" jabs at my health? Exercise! We don't address the cancer rumors head-on -- instead, we counter-storied by creating more positive fluff about me as a virile, fit, energetic man getting himself in shape in order to take on the fights to come.

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