Wednesday, August 29, 2007

There's Fact, There's Fiction, and Then There's the Political Press

I don't know what kind of fantasy-land the political press people are living in. They're dying to say that my campaign is already withered on the vine, but the fact is that the people are lining up to lick my hairy toes.

Here's the latest "Mama say wha'?" moment: the National Journal says of the blogosphere, "Conservative frustration with the tortured roll out of the Fred Thompson campaign is undercutting blogger enthusiasm for the campaign."

The same day that was published, my "tortured roll out" had already put me in a dead tie for number one.

What do we learn from this example of political press types reaching into their own asses, pulling out a wad of shit, and plopping it down on the page?

(1) Don't turn to the political press for the news. Or insight. Or, for that matter, anything, unless you just need the newsprint to line your bird cage.
(2) Stop paying attention to the blogosphere. Pay attention to the people. If blogger interest mattered one bit, then Ron Paul would be the big dick of the candidate pool, not the spooge-rag he is.

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