Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm So Good I Should Be on the Grand Ol' Opry

That's right -- I am good. Until I hear otherwise on FOX assfuckin' "News," I am going to call my Indiana address a success. And my local TV interview gave me yet another opportunity to display my mastery: I can take a canned talking point I've used a million times and make it sound like it's the first fucking time.

And I see the Democrats are continuing their campaign to lose the White House, this time by pissing off the gray panther state, Florida -- declaring they don't get delegates unless they reschedule their too-early primary. Big Daddy doesn't like having so many primaries so soon (it will mean working too hard in too many states in too little time), but even I wouldn't dream of pissing off the primary voters of Florida.

Unless the Democrats are banking on the old folks not remembering primary stuff come time for the real election.

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