Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Have Principles

My team sure is excited about taking our website to the next stage. The I'm With Fred site is now all fancy-dancy, ready to move us forward when we drop this "testing the waters" pretense and just get down and dirty into the full campaign.
I'm really happy with the principles section, because it's my way of appealing to the really superconservative nuts in the party without staking any claims in any actual debates going on in the country. Like this video I have up about federalism:

It's just a perfect way of telling the far right crazies how dedicated I am to a small federal government, without making any commitments to what I think is an example of big government that I would cut. This way, I appeal to the nuts while I can keep charming the people who would be scared away if I talked about cutting the Department of Education or doing away with Social Security.

What do I stand for? Whatever you want.

God, we're good.

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