Saturday, August 11, 2007

Free Markets at Work

It's good to see our government doing what it's supposed to do: protect wealth when free markets go awry. But then leave everything else to the markets. That's the balance we need.


Don Jones said...

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Don Jones said...

Here is an article I wrote that will be published in the Post Chronicle next week.

My Man Fred

It was not long ago, the first negative press remark was that Fred Thompson told the man he was running against to "shut-up". Can you believe? Fred is supposed to tell people to Shut-up. When he does, they do.
Then before he has hardly had a drink of water they decide to call his wife Jeri, a "Trophy Wife", making a really big deal out of nothing. Since that time it has never stopped. Guess what? None of it stuck. No one remembers or cares.

Picture this seasoned man who has spent most of his adult working life in and around the political arena. It's difficult to imagine how many friends he accumulated on the Hill over those years. Fred is affable and a man's man. You immediately know how he feels about anything that interests you, because he will tell you. When he was a Congressman even the old seasoned pol's wanted a photo op with Fred.

Now this man has been banking good money being an actor, while reading the news. People he likes and people he dislikes are buzzing around wanting a shot at being President. Fred is by now breaking out in hives, thinking of the type folks he sees wanting to be our leader for the next eight years. He goes home and starts talking to Jeri about the candidates and what a poor POTUS they would be.

Naturally Jeri says, "Fred why don't you run?" Maybe somewhere down deep that is what he wanted to hear. Soon after that, following many thoughts and home discussions, Fred looks over the fence and decides to stay on this side of the fence but toss a rock in the pond and make some ripples. What a cool genius move. Shows you what kind of leader he will be.

Fred Thompson loves his Mama. Fred Thompson loves his family and friends. Fred Thompson loves America. He does not need money, he does not need fame, he does not need romance, he does not need a loving family. He has all those things. If he were just thinking about ego he was acting in a world class situation, big enough to feed any one's ego. So why quit that ego feeder and take a chance on losing an election and damaging that ego? He loves America friends, he loves America.

I am not certain My Man Fred agrees with me on this, but I like Rudy. Not nearly as much as Fred, but I remember him handing back a big check given to him from a big time Muslim. It was the ultimate insult. I have always liked him since then. However he cannot beat Fred. No one is going to beat Fred. When Fred and Hillary are in the pond together, swimming to win, poor Hillary is going to drown, being pulled under by all that baggage. In my lifetime only Lynden Johnson profited so much from politics. Money and power. That is Hillary, that is not Fred.

I say this with all the integrity I can muster, I do not believe one candidate on either side is more sincere in wanting to help America than Fred Thompson. The press will pound on him unmercifully, but he is a big boy and he can pound right back, harder.

Well enough of Fred. I have another favorite tune. Folks who are not familiar with the Hispanic world may not know how dear they hold their family relations. Western Union makes a living off of these folks sending money home to families. Many of them would flood right back home if they could have a decent quality of life and be with their families.

Smart money would invest in Mexico. Baja California has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Mexico is rife with wonderful places to invest and bring the country up to Western standards like Canada. These are industrious people who sacrifice comfort to send money home. If we can rebuild Iraq with taxpayer money, why cannot we rebuild Mexico with investor money? Why meet our neighbor at the border with guns? That's not America.
Don Jones