Monday, August 13, 2007

America, This Is a Crisis

When you run for office, it helps to have a lead message. I think we found ours, with the news that Americans are no longer the tallest people. Honestly, if we're behind the Dutch, then something is wrong.

We're going to sit on it a while, though, while we figure out how to blame it on the Democrats.


Don Jones said...

Jon Henkie was given to me by your folks and he took my proposal for his own an pisssed on me.

Now I have which was your thought. I can turn that into a money maker, having to donate in order to get on the train.

I can work with someone on your team but don't ever send me that Henkie fellow again. I can do this on my own but can't do the donation thing without help. Money for the campaign or not. I do work hard for you. See my new front page.
Don Jones

Don Jones said...

There is that ad for men to wear ass pads and titties and panties and be a woman to go find a John and let him run his hand up (his) leg and get a surprise, after kissing a while. BARF

What do you need those ads for anyway? They can't pay much.