Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh, Poor Law & Order

OK, so elevating Sam to have his character be my character's replacement as DA -- that's a really nice gesture to Sam, even if it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for the plot. (I mean, his character Jack has been anything but a political operator. But we'll see how that works out.)

But to fill the void left by yours truly, they bring in Linus Roache? Really? Didn't he play a gay priest in that movie?

Are they serious?

I need to have my people be sure to spin this -- that Sam is elevated to become my replacement, and the gay priest is Sam's replacement. I don't need my supporters thinking of men kissing me when they think of me and Law & Order.

But I'm going to let them shoot themselves in the foot without giving them my advice. NBC is cutting into my residuals. I hope they suffer for it.

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Don Jones said...

NBC should have offered you a consultant fee in exchange for the residuals. The man on the front of my site with his pants down mooning the NY times will be now mooning NBC.

Who wants the POTUS on their bad side. Stupid. We will knock them in our news articles and on the web site.

Don Jones