Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Look at the Other Losers Eating the Dust of My Red Truck

So, let's see... OK, so McNuts is cracking up. Well, that's hardly news. As soon as I came sniffing around, I pushed that loser to second-tier status at best, and now that's all finally coming to fruition.

And, let's see, who else is down there... right, Ron Paul. He had his little moment of popularity on the Internet, his debut on the comedy channel, and all that, but he's still the nothing he was before. As soon as Dan the Dweeb realizes he has to stop playing video games in his mom's basement and go out into the sunshine to cast a vote in a primary, I think all that Ron Paul talk will dry right up.

And who does that leave... let's see... Tancrappo, Fuckabee, blah blah blah. Right. As if anyone gives two shits about them.

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