Saturday, September 22, 2007

We're Trying Out "Edgy"

We were thinking it was time for more buzz. Obama had Obama Girl, so we figured why not something that would really get folks talking -- some kind of online musical video, but with some edge that would make it a conversation piece.

We kept it looking "grassroots," with the poor film quality and the bad lip syncing. We wanted to experiment with some sort of appeal to the Log Cabin types but also keep it looking as disconnected as possible from our official campaign.

Not just the gay thing, but the supposedly critical angle -- it looks like critics of us, but their criticism is so subtle you just miss it. All you hear is "My johnson is for Thompson." Tra la la. Unless you listen very, very closely.

I have to say, we do great work. I can't wait to move into the White House.

Update: Well, maybe not. We do have standards.

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RhondaRShearer said...

Don't worry Fred. The "My Johnson is for Thompson" video is back up on YouTube. Read about it at

Oh, I almost forgot, "My Johnson is for Thompson" lyrics are in the coverage.

Speaking of coverage,how did you get Newsweek to write 17 articles on you (from Sept '06 - Sept '07), including a cover story, when they only wrote 10 on McCain, 7 on Rudy, 6 on Mitt, 1 each on Huckabee and Paul and 0 on everyone else (Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback and Duncan Hunter) during the same time period? Just wondering.