Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't Hold Your Breath

New Gingrich is like George Will -- the kid who always got pantsed and shortsheeted and wedgied. Only Newt was also the fat kid who read science fiction books but wasn't one of the smart kids even though he desperately wanted to believe he was.

Now that piggy SOB is thinking he might actually try to run for president.

Fat chance, fatty. You come off as arrogant -- you would be like the Republican Al Gore.

America knows that something is very, very wrong and wants to believe that there's a big ol' daddy figure who can chase away the monsters and then kiss them and make it better. None of those other losers in this race can fit that bill, and Newt Gingrich certainly can't.

"Big ideas"? America wants big image. Big Daddy's gonna give that in spades.

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