Sunday, August 5, 2007

They Are SO Boring

Live blogging the Iowa debate:

I'm dozing off watching these guys.

"Prostitutes, pimps, and dopedealers" interdicted by beefing up border security? Them's some good times going down in the border area. Or it's all in Fuckabee's head. (Or was that Fuckin' Hunter? My god they all blur into one little chirpy mess.)

These dumbasses keep talking about taxes. Come on, this isn't about policy, folks -- this is about slick images. And none of them have that. (Closest is Miss Romney. I wonder how expensive his haircut is.)


YTOD said...

I really think Duncan Hunter said that remark about the "pimps and dope dealers" tax line. I said nice things about him in thee past, but I am ready to put some harsh words in, for myself.

Good luck with Fred Thompson. He is in the range of candidates that would smash into pieces even the heaviest members of the candidacy very easily yet is refusing to enter the race officially. The exact same thing with Al Gore. I hope it changes.

YTOD said...

Hello. This is YTOD again. I made sure of it. Mike Huckabee said the pimps and dope smokers comment. They really do blend in. I can not tell either apart.