Thursday, August 16, 2007

Not Worried About Congress

People ask me if I'm worried about the prospect of being a president with a Democrat Congress. I have one easy answer to that: nope.

Didn't you see how the Dems just pussed out and handed the White House power to spy on America? Now the administration is going all out and using spy satellites. Spy satellites!

With Democrats like these, who needs a Republican Congress?


Don Jones said...

Fred: I'm with Fred is sending email updates to Friends of Fred. That's nice, but that effort would be better spent on folks you do not have, rather than those that you do.

Ready Freddie Express would be a train you can buy a ticket and THEN get hot poop from Fred. It would bring in millions of dollars. Tickets could be a set price, like five hundred. Then the express riders would get videos of where you have been and things you are thinking.

As the one gal asked the other, "Why give it away?" That cost money. A ticket one the Fred Line brings in millions.

Don Jones

Anonymous said...

Creeps me out that there are people out there who would relish some of Fred Thompson's fresh feces. Buty hey, whatever makes it move a little.

Don Jones said...

Anonymous is another word for chicken shit. is coming.

A place for grassroots and others to vent to Fred. Hopefully it will be helpful for him.

Also it will be a donation generator. Don

PS You stil have those homosexual dress like a woman ads. Not Cool.