Sunday, August 5, 2007

Miss Romney Reminds Me...

Live blogging the Iowa debate:

Miss Romney reminds me of some of them cornfed, blowdried boring-mcborings who would do a little patter and then do a little over-rehearsed shuck and jive on The Lawrence Welk Show. You know, someone who would sing a popular song and then suck all the life out of it -- and make matters worse by putting it in some lame little skit.

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Don Jones said...

The Romney's are Mr&Mrs Oh So Fine.

The wholesome do gooders with ego's big as outdoors big church donors and look at us. We are Oh So Fine. Barf...She upstages him when she can while trying to be good little wifey. She is running him so she can be Mrs. President. She would scratch Hillary's eyes out. She's as bad as Haircut's wife.