Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Don't Drag My Man Rush into This

Ouch. So one of the fired U.S. attorneys was targeted after he refused to slow-roll a prosecution against the makers of OxyContin, and that happened after the drug maker used its own hotline to the administration to request the slowdown.

Please tell me this isn't going to become a big deal. I don't see how it could be. When you buy a government, you have a right to expect some customer service.


Don Jones said...

Speaking of hotline to the White House, can you have a special blog fund raiser for folks who want someone in the white house to read their blog perhaps one time or two times a year. It would not have to be you but an appointed person to sreen the blogs and respond immediately. It probably would be a full time job to belong to Fred's Blog Club, but you could sell the living hell out of them for max dollars.
Don Jones

Don Jones said...

I did not say it right. You could sell enough blogs that it would take a full time person to run the club. To belong to Fred's Blog Club would require the max dollars. You would get to give the POTUS your request or opinion once or twice a year only. Someone would handle the responses and screen the import of the blogs. You or Jeri know how to set it up.
It will bring in a few million extra.