Thursday, July 26, 2007

This Coverage Does Not Help

Dammit, people, I was having a good time in Texas, and now come to find out they're reporting not just that fundraising may be a bit under the high bar we set, not just that we had some staffing realignments and adjustments -- but that Jeri is behind the scenes governing everything as a "powerhouse."

I am not looking forward to her becoming the new Hillary. If the Democrats start generating publicity about her as this iron fist in a sexy velvet glove who is a Republican warrior behind the scenes -- well, that's just not going to help us at all. Republican voters like their women in the church pews, not the government power centers.

Oh -- what am I worrying about? The Democrats don't have the balls to do anything like that. Take it from me: they don't have any balls at all.

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