Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Passing Thoughts About the Debate

How many times did Limpiani mention 9/11? That's gonna get real old, real fast. Like some kid in elementary school who just got back from Disneyland and has to go around mentioning goddamn Disneyland in every single conversation he has for the next week. We get it. But that's something you save up for just the right moment. The more you use it, the less mojo it has.

One of the newspapers says the debate was all about McNuts sticking out. Right. I think his campaign staff must have sucked off one or both of the reporters. His only real high point was when he talked to the woman who lost her brother in Iraq, and then he was just stealing Bill Clinton's "I feel your pain."

Them kids on the Internet are going wild about Ron Paul. A lot of the party zealots are complaining that he's not a Republican because he sounds like a peacenik. Get over it, both of you; he's got no structure behind him, just a lot of computer nerds. Just because you hear a lot of noise doesn't mean you got an army behind you. Move on, folks.

The real winner of the debate was Big Daddy. They all came off as crazy; I was removed from it all. They bit into each other; I went on the air to remind people I wasn't one of those kids who's been running for president since kindergarten. (Miss Romney, that means you.) They tried to tear each other down and build themselves up; I got to plug my website.

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