Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kicking Back

Big things happening the week of July 4 -- probably won't have any time to record anything that week. But I know I'll have lots to share in the weeks to come.

People ask me how I do it all. The secret is making time for me. It's hard with a hectic campaign schedule (or whatever we call it before it's officially a campaign), but I definitely try to make it a ritual to cuddle up with Jeri at night with some Barbra Streisand playing softly in the background.


cloris said...

phew! i was going to say, this just isn't quite the addled, hate-fed progressive attack site it could be without the gay-baiting.

cloris said...

btw, this site was started up basicly the same time the dnc sent out their "stop the act" campaign to the mailing list and i was wondering, if howard dean sent you an email telling you to poke your eyes out with a stick, you'd be blind right now wouldn't you? is the entire democrat astroturf base servile and robotic?